21 Sep 2019

What Are The SEO Challenges For Website Developers?

The web has grown to enormous proportions in a relatively short span of time. With everyone from the corporate honcho to that high-school kid next door setting up their websites, the webosphere is certainly on the way to becoming one of the most complex ecosystems on the face of the earth.

This has certainly been made possible by the rapid rise in web technologies and the quick adoption and implementation of sound web development techniques by developers. Today, any website development company India or elsewhere knows the demands of the market, and how to keep up with it.

However, with so many online destinations to choose from, how do users settle in on the resource that is sure to meet their needs?

That is where SEO for website developers kicks in

Search engines such as Google or Bing operate using cutting-edge programming to deliver the latest and most relevant results right to the users’ browsers. But this gives rise to another problem. In a crowd of around 2 billion websites as of 2019 (Source: how do you ensure that your site ranks high on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)?

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Enter SEO and a top SEO agency for process execution

This is where search engine optimization (SEO) helps. Experts providing local SEO services employ a number of techniques to ensure that your website features high on the SERPs. With proper SEO, you can be certain that your site gets the maximum number of visitors and generates the right buzz.

As is evident, SEO should not be something that you begin to think of after your website development is complete. Instead, your SEO efforts should begin from the web development stage itself. This, however, poses a conundrum for both web developers and SEO professionals.

What Are The Odds?

Popularly, SEO and Web Development are considered entirely separate fields that require mutually exclusive skill-sets. As a result, during web application development, web developers and SEO professionals might find themselves at odds with each other.

A deeper delving, however, reveals an entirely different picture.

While web development and SEO are separate disciplines, both require certain skills that are common and, in many cases, actually serve to complement each other. Following are some common traits, which are shared by both developers and SEOs:

  • Both SEO and web application development require an analytical bend of mind, critical thinking and the ability to devise innovative solutions to complex problems.
  • A sound understanding of programming principles and web development fundamentals, along with a clear idea of how the web actually functions is extremely important for both developers and SEOs.
  • Both jobs require on-the-feet thinking, the ability to quickly adapt to changing situations and a self-driven attitude to constantly learn new skills.

These are only some of the many similarities between the developers and SEOs. If you look at it thoughtfully, the work of each profession essentially forms the two sides of successful web application development.

The Key To Successful Collaboration

It is a no-brainer that developers and SEOs must work in tandem to enable any website to reach its full potential. And the best way to successfully collaborate efforts lies in an open mindset, respect for each other’s work and clear communication. By investing time and effort to understand how the other side operates, both developers and SEOs stand to benefit from being able to discuss problems and share insights instead of shuttling around demands and difficulties.

When developers have a clear idea about SEO techniques and solutions they will be able to better understand and implement the recommendations from SEOs; on the other hand, an understanding of development principles will allow SEOs to realize the impact of coding changes on optimization efforts.

Benefits Of Working Together

An alliance between web application developers and SEOs can go a long way towards improving the entire web application development process. In fact, by executing SEO for developers, the functioning of a site can be improved in many ways.

For example, integrating SEO with web development right from the start saves time that is otherwise wasted in retracing steps. Your local SEO services and website design services can work together to give you a website that has faster load speeds, well-structured URLs and meta tags and a well navigable site architecture, just to name a few.

Best Of Both Worlds
Ultimately, it is safe to say that both developers and SEOs ultimately do the same job: that of delivering relevant, useful and engaging content to the user. When they work hand-in-hand, web application developers and experts of any SEO agency India enable each other to deliver the best performance and create web experiences that attract users and make sure they come back for more every time. Finally, if you want a robust website with built-in SEO features, then contact an experienced website development company India.

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